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O.K., everyone loves to hype up article marketing as the greatest form of marketing on the internet. And it is quite effective for the cost, usually zero dollars. But writing articles is becoming a flooded market. You can write the best article , with the best content and best information, and still get limited results. Most times its because of the over abundance of articles in your preffered area of experise. When 1,000's of others have already submitted articles of the same content and with the same ideas , its hard to stand out from the crowd. Most times you will have a short burst of views at the beginning , but that usually trails off after awhile. So whats the deal?

The problem is that once the search engines have certain articles ranked on the first couple of pages , its hard to get the same type of article ranked amongst them. All the best titles are already used, and the articles that are already ranked just continue to build up view after view, sealing there spot in the search results.

Sometimes we have to find a different route or a new idea to gain exposure for our articles and websites. Usually by means of research and development ideas.

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How Do You Get Your Articles Viewed?

Well, its certainly not an exact science, and there is always some luck involved. But if you are determined to use article marketing for your product or website, you will have to do some extra work after you write your article. For starters, its definitely a good idea to try different directories. Alot of times marketers like to only use the top ranked article directories. but there are always new ones on the rise. And once a new article directory starts climbing in the Alexa rankings, thats your chance to capitalize. 

Another option is to create many articles on your subject. Using one way links from one article to another will create search engine optimization for your articles too. A good idea is to write broad term articles that are linked to more specific typre articles in the same or different article directories. But that can be alot of work, especially considering that it might not create the results you are hoping for. But, if you put your mind to doing some real research, you will find that there are ways to get your articles viewed by many, and even ranked as well.

Artcile Marketing-Research Market Techniques

So you probably realize how hard it is to break into certain niches that are overloaded with marketers that have already come and gone, flooding the directories with the same old articles and limiting your chances for success. But its not impossible to find your way in. But you will have to learn how to work for your success. See, the final products and all the great ideas are the easy part of marketing. And we even know what information to look for. We know that certain information would help us decide what types of articles and content will get us ranked and viewed. But the problem is, we just dont know how to find it. We dont know how to figure out what people wnat RIGHT NOW. If we knew what changes were taking place and what new ideas were taking hold of our niche market, we would only have to capitalize on that info and success would follow undoubtedly. So when you think about it, research is the backbone of any serious Internet Marketing campaign. 

We need to know exactly what people are looking for right now. What are the newest books and software products that the consumers in our niche are interested in? Is there a new search term that I could use to rank higher? If I find this info before my competitors, then I will be the FIRST to use it, therefore guaranteeing me my place at the top of search engine results. Hopefully you are seeing why research is the key element to creating and maintaining top tier exposure. 

Now, for me to go over all these research techniques would take quite awhile. I really wanted to show readers why research is fundamental to online success. If you would like to see what research I use to consistently rank well for my websites and products, click below for access to a free report that outlines everything in a step by step , easy to understand process.

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Article Marketing-market Research Techniques

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This article was published on 2009/01/24