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all you know that dissertation writing is not an easy task. It is common that many students do not have much clearer idea about research in dissertation papers, since they might not have made it very formal research before in their academic writing. They are not well known to the theories behind the investigation. They will be able to learn a lot with this piece of writing as it elaborates the significance of research methods in the well organized way. Dissertation research controls the systematic and organized investigations to find out and understand the information for more growth. So, it is very important for the students to have the better idea.

Quantitative vs. qualitative research

When you are planning for a qualitative research, you must evaluate the qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in detail.

• Qualitative research concentrates on the inner view and quantitative over the outer view.

• Textual errors and data perform as the part in qualitative research while the numerical data is utilized in quantitative.

• Never ending or limitless investigation is the part of qualitative and close ending investigation is essential for the quantitative.

Qualitative is relatively flexible to the quantitative research

The dissimilarities obviously point out which qualitative methodologies are additional productive for applied research as they give precious approach as compared to the quantitative method. So, the qualitative dissertation research methodology is chosen over quantitative in general.

Qualitative exampling

Obviously, this is not an easy to gather data from all the members of the community; therefore, division (example) of people (community) is utilized in the qualitative research. A few exampling ways exist for the qualitative research and they should be described in the dissertation assignment. The exampling ways include;

1) Purposeful Exampling: This is utilized for the investigation of the specific example for a few purposes. For instance, the investigator might desire to realize that "how school children use their valuable time at their weekends".

2) Quota Exampling: To learn examples in many parts such as the investigator might be inquired to scrutinize two hundreds males and hundred females see on a particular product between the age group of 45-55.

Qualitative research methodologies

To make the qualitative dissertation research appealing and attractive, the students must include numerous ways connected with qualitative investigation and this entails;

1) Contributors' Monitoring: The suitable way for investigators to scrutinize whether the deeds of community being learnt are usual or unusual.

2) In detail Interviews: Interviews with three or four people to gather personal and confidential data. Those interviews are perfect to investigate the public having hectic and busy schedule.

3) Market research: The investigators advise the specific theme, brand, matter, thought or service to assess people's power towards this.


This is much better to draft the worth of qualitative research in your dissertation writing assignment to detail its significance. Its strength comprises of the following factors;

• Everybody is free to contribute his or her point of views.

• Investigator could not expect participants.

• Easy to comprehend.


You should have understood that qualitative dissertation research is the well organized method to learn the natural activities and behaviors.

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Dissertation Research Methodology – Qualitative & Quantitative

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Dissertation Research Methodology – Qualitative & Quantitative

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